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SuiteMaker is a sophisticated system for upholstery manufacturers.

SuiteMaker is set up for upholstery manufacturers, so it knows all about the complexities of the industry. An item of furniture is described by:

  • A Range (or style),
  • An Item (eg a chair or cushion),
  • Up to four fabrics in up to four colours,
  • Feet Type & Colour (eg Oak Ball),
  • Cord (flanged and unflanged), and
  • Ruche.

When you enter an order, the system is able to draft the necessary production schedule to suit the skills and availability of the production department, but you are free to adjust this as necessary. It can also use your Bill-of-Materials data to produce a "Stock Forecast", whether your furniture is in one, two, three or even four fabrics.

If you want to know more, please go to the main SuiteMaker site for more details or call us on 0115-840-5500.

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