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We are a small team, based in Nottinghamshire, with considerable expertise in software development for businesses.

Alan Howlett B.Eng(Hons), C.Eng, C.I.T.P, M.I.A.P, M.B.C.S, P.G.D.L., our Managing Director, has been writing software since he was 16, that's over 30 years ago!

We try really hard to be ethical, to be good people to do business with. Life often includes the unexpected: Being a good supplier is about handling these difficulties without drama, getting to a good solution without unreasonable cost or trouble.

Our core business is writing software- unlike our competitors, we aren't "specialists" in 20 things (How can even a medium-sized business possibly gain any kind of expertise in so many things? Just keeping track of software is pretty challenging!). So we will occasionally do other things for customers such as supplying computers or installing networking points, but not as a core project.

We know that good software can make such a difference to businesses, improving productivity and driving down costs. If you have 5 or more people working on something then you really should talk to us about how we can help you.

Contact us on 0115 840 5500 to arrange an appointment.

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