DBDesigner is our very own leading-edge product that delivers testable, demonstrable code in hours not months.

We specialise in going into businesses, understanding their needs and processes, and then writing software to solve their problems.

After years of writing bespoke software that had strong similarities with other bespoke software for other clients, we realised that there was scope to using our own consultancy services on our own business: Use our IT skills to make our business work better!

What does a database application actually consist of? We concluded that there were 4 parts:

  • A Kernel
  • Maintain Forms
  • Reports
  • Everything Else!

Describing these in turn:


The kernel is the program that you consciously run. We won't list everything it does here (trade secrets), but the core idea is that you start the kernel from the desktop. It connects to your database engine, creates and updates the database design (schema) , allows you to log in (if the database requires permission and you have it!), change the skin, update user permissions (if you have permission!), maintain your data and run your reports.

Maintain forms

Each table in the system has, by default, two forms. To maintain the list of customers, you would have one form that would show you every customer you have, and another that would allow you to add or update just one customer. The list of customers would frequently not show every piece of data for each customer (just the addresses of the head office, delivery point, and accounts would overfill the screen), but you would see them all. The update-customer form would show every field for the customer and include extensive data checking.


Well-designed reports are hugely valuable, allowing you to see that your business is running properly and that it's profitable. We can add new reports to a project in just minutes, including a form to allow you to select the data you want, and to view it in a grid, but also a nicely formatted finished format with headers and footers.

Everything Else

Well, as you'd expect, there are always exceptions that we can't write automatically. We should be able to create around 65-75% of your application without doing any coding the old-fashioned way, saving you time and money.

You can learn more about DBDesigner here.

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