Data is put into computer systems by manual or electronic means and is foundational. However, it can be very hard to go from seeing (say) all your invoices and expenses, to knowing whether you are profitable or not. To do that, the data has to be converted in some way, typically by generating a report.

Some reports are intended to show detail, such as every order, and these are typically orientated towards the operation of the business.These reports are really good for a detailed understanding of operations.

Other reports are summary reports, showing over a much-reduced quantity of data, such as the total sales by customer, or total product volumes. These reports are good for managers to check overall performance.

We have access to the same tools as everyone else, only we can generate a complete report in just minutes (including multiple tables, SQL grouping, field selection, Report grouping, sorting, user-filtering etc., meaning we can be much cheaper. Such reports come with their own data-selection and viewing, plus a nicely formatted report for immediate printing.

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