About Us

Our natural passion is technology- but this is worthless without good customer relationships, so let's address these together...

  • AMD - We really like their processors, and the fact that they come with all the features enabled, you don't find that the one version of a chip has a feature disabled and that you really needed to buy the next chip up.
  • Binary Trees. These are a really fast way to find specific data even in huge quantities of data you don't want. Finding 1 item in a million might only take 20 comparisons, not a more typical 500,000 if you were trying to find the item the hard way.
  • Delphi. This has been around since 1995. We love it because they try very hard to make our code work in different versions. It means that software written in Delphi will keep working, year after year. Other development tools suppliers keep having "bright ideas" that last for a little while before dying a death and taking millions of lines of code with them.
  • Ethics. Good ethics are essential on both sides of a friendship or contract. We seek ethical friends and business partners and would rather not deal with the unethical.
  • SSD's. These are solid-state disks, computer disks based not on spinning disks but on electronics (like memory sticks, but much faster). Have a look at this Samsung SSD Awesomeness video, although now dated (2/May/2009), it's still very impressive.

We were established in 1993 to sell Alan Howlett's skills as an IT consultant, but with children reaching school age it was no longer appropriate to be travelling the world so we settled in Nottinghamshire.

We now sell bespoke software to a range of companies. We are a small team, specialising in database development, though we have valuable history with controlling hardware such as experimental rigs, boilers, valves, flowmeters, even the occasional laser!

The core of most database applications is an SQL database (based on work by Tedd Codd at IBM) with some application software to make it pleasant to use and to help enforce various rules on the creation, reading, updating and deleting data. Well, that's what we specialise in!

Would you like to meet us for a talk? Call us on 0115-840-5500.

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