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Our killer advantage is speed. We use dbdesigner to create draft applications during our first meeting with you. You can use the draft right there and then in your office!

Okay, we admit it- we have more advantages than this! Here is a fuller list:

Speed. We can write around 2/3 of your finished application in the time it takes you to tell us what you need. When you finish your explanation, we click a button, the computer makes some funny whirring & clicking noises... and your draft application starts there and then. You can add, view, update and delete data, and, if you are patient enough to enter sufficient data you can even view and print reports, all in your office in our first meeting.

Risk. Most IT suppliers want 50% up front, but then they go away for some months before you have a system to test. If you then find they have misunderstood your requirements, or simply find that the solution they are delivering isn't what you want it can get very costly to have changes made. With us, you see the basics of the solution before any commitment to paying any fee.

Flexibility. Most of our customers have little IT experience, so it can take a while before they have really decided what they want. Traditional approaches force you to decide up-front what you need, whereas our approach means that many changes can be made quite late in the development process without undue cost.

Cost. We can offer useful savings in development fees because we can create a solution with far less programmer time than any of our competitors.

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