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Timescales on IT projects are usually between several months and several years. Would you like that reducing to something more manageable?

Software is genuinely complex and difficult to write. It's got significantly easier and faster over the last 70 years, but it's still challenging.How long does it take to write software? Well, it depends on what is needed. A useful measure of complexity is the number of things that we need to keep track of. For example, a simple order system might want records of customers, orders, order lines, products, suppliers. You would also want to have some reports, so you can see things like outstanding orders and total sales.

Conventionally, that might take 5 weeks to write and set-up, but we could show you a draft in under an hour! It would need perhaps a week of polishing to make it nice, but that would then give you a customised system that is set up for your needs.

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