Our Charges

We offer a range of charging & payment models: If we are to win your business we must match your budget and style!

We offer the following charging models:

Time & Materials:

This model involves you working closely with our consultants through the project. You tell us what you want doing & we do it. You can set this up very quickly, change your mind as you better understand what you need and what is possible, and you can finish the project as soon as you are happy. You pay only for what you use- our direct expenses (plus 10% handling fee), and our consultants time.

Fixed Price:

This model involves deciding in advance exactly what you need. This is a good thing to do, but this incurs costs whether you proceed with the contract or not. Some time later, the finished product will be delivered, ready for you to test and approve. You need to ensure that your requirements are complete and correct as we will make every effort to deliver that specification.

Staged Development:

This is a variant of the Fixed Price model in which we agree a sequence of steps, and you can agree to proceed with each step as the project develops.

Payment Models:

Our normal payment terms are 30 days credit, but other models are possible in the right circumstances... but only by prior agreement.

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