How long does it take?

That depends on the complexity of your needs. We should be able to get a draft for you in anything between 30 minutes and, for a really complex project, a couple of days. Completing the project might then take anything from a few days to some months, depending again on complexity.

What does it cost?

Our bespoke systems can cost from £2,000-£100,000 depending on complexity and you can use the application for as many users on one site as you like. Systems like SuiteMaker and Transport Manager are priced per user.

Do I need to replace my computers?

Usually not. We try hard to minimise the impact of our systems on customers, and part of that is to make the software run quickly. You will rarely have a problem if your computers are standard Windows PC's under 4 years old, on 'Fast Ethernet' (100mbits/s), and your server is under 4 years old. We will need to install an SQL database engine. Small sites can use Microsoft SQLServer Express (free), but anything larger will need to pay for a database engine server.

How can I reduce the risks?

We will provide you with a draft to review, so that you can see we have got the core ideas right. After this, the rest of the development is usually made up with multiple small pieces (eg a complex report, or an extra button on a form). Any issues with these small pieces can usually be resolved quickly. Start with a thorough review of the draft, continue to look at the developments as you receive them, and thoroughly check the application when we declare it to be complete.

Can I have an application with...

Probably! If it can be done, we can probably do it, but we need to know more before we can tell you about either timescales or costs.

What are your payment terms?

If you are paying cash, our terms are 30% on agreeing the contract, 30% on delivery of a version that is notionally complete, and 40% when the system is running properly.

What other payment arrangements can you offer?

We are able to offer terms based on cash, Finance, or usage, depending on the software and the client.

What guarantee do you offer?

Software doesn't tend to wear out, so there are very few faults that should appear later that were not there when it was delivered. So, part of the acceptance process should be to check that the software does what you want, that everything works properly. We won't consider the project to be complete until it is apparently bug free. Once it is complete, you have a 3 month guarantee period in which any further bugs found will be resolved.

Can you provide references?


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