Needs Assessment

Every relationship starts with a needs assessment, finding out what your problem is. Obviously, meeting your needs is what you invited us for, so we must hear and understand them before we do anything else.

When we understand what you want, we need to deal with 2 situations... and how we do this will depend on you, the client.

Situation 1: "The new system must work like the old one."

Quite often, clients just want the new system to do what the old system did, perhaps with a few extras. This is a useful start, but it's like demanding that a calculator should behave just like an abacus, because we are familiar with the abacus!

Yes, we can do it, but it can be more expensive and less useful than taking a new approach.  We recognise that there can be real advantages to keeping what you know, but often there are better alternatives.

If you are willing to consider doing it differently we can solve various problems and make the system more flexible... but we won't change anything until you are completely happy that we have a better solution.

Situation 2: "Something completely new"

There are often real benefits in using new systems to do things that hadn't been considered before. What these are will depend on the detail of your requirements, but here are some examples:

So, if you are willing, we can often show you many ways to really get a valuable system with even better payback than your original plans. In particular, removing duplicate data entry is almost always worthwhile in that it reduces labour costs and input errors.


The most important thing is to offer you a solution that you love and that is within your budget- call us on 0115-840-5500 to book an appointment to see what we can do.